Friday, March 4, 2011

Laundry day!

I've had people ask me what a typical day is like here in Bunia. Honestly, I can't really say there is a typical day. It seems that here in Bunia you must go with the flow. Here is usually how it goes with just the laundry:
You do laundry when you have electricity.. or at least try. If you don't have it for a while, then you have to let it power the batteries first. Then if there is still enough to do a load: WONDERFUL! If not, which is more typical, you turn the generator on. Usually before any of this either me or my guard fill the machine with water (if its me, I put the hose in there and set the timer for 10 minutes while it fills). I make sure all the electricity in the house is turned off (including the fridge), then I can start the washer. After I start it I watch our electrical unit to make sure it can handle the load alright and isn't going to shut off. Then I can relax until I hear splashing of water as it drains the soapy water (which Kaitlyn LOVES to watch and laugh and play in). Then its back outside to to begin adding water again for the rinse cycle (another 10 minutes).Once filled, the machine is started, the electricity watched and soon the load of laundry will be finished and ready to be put on the lines (sometimes twice if a storm comes through). Once dry, they get folded and put in the spare room to sit for 48 hours so that any mango worms with hatch and not pose a threat to our skin. We've been told that they will hatch in about 24-36 hours, if you wear clothes before the elapsed time they can potentially burrow into your skin. Not life threatening but not fun either. SOo I give them 48 because somehow burrowing worms that live in underwear could be a bit scary!! You can also iron all your clothes, but I don't own an iron here.. yet.

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