Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women's Day

Tuesday, March 8th was women's day! It is wonderful that they have a day to celebrate women around the world. This years theme was UNITY. While I couldn't understand most of what was said I could see it in how everyone worked together.

What did I enjoy about women's day?

Well, it was especially fun to get my very first Congolaise outfit and see what all the others had made as well! These are called uniforms here because we were all supposed to match for the parade.

It was also fun to follow the drum beats and do some dancing and singing while we walked down the dirt road. They were all impressed that this white lady could dance!

After the parade, all the white ladies were escorted to a shaded area behind the mayor/chief of Nyankunde. We were honored. Because it was very hot, we were told that one parent could leave with the children, but one needed to stay and watch while all the important speeches were made. Because it is women's day, we decided we would stay in the shade and the men could watch the children. It finished around 2pm, then we all headed to the MAF hangar to start the lunch ceremony. After another 45 minutes of singing, a short message, and some introductions it was finally time for lunch. Today they served us Sombe, rice, and pork in a palm oil. Very tasty!
Around 4pm we were all very very tired! The kids especially as today they didn't get any naps.
We all piled into the Caravan for a very quick flight back to Bunia.
Wow, what a day!


  1. Did you make that outfit or did someone make it for you?


  2. I had it made. They have great seamstresses, and it is good to help out the local economy here!
    I am hoping to buy a sewing machine soon though. There are lots of curtains to be sewn.