Friday, April 8, 2011


March 30th marked 18 months since Kaitlyn arrived in the world! I can't believe how she has grown!
She is so busy now it can be hard to keep up with sometimes! She loves to be outside! She loves the dog, running as fast as she can, exploring, and searching out any "bugga" that comes her way (which can be both amusing or scary!). Thankfully I found the scorpion last week before she did.
When she is inside she likes to be read to and she also likes to play with her little people sets (the potty that flushes in her house is especially amusing to her). Another thing that makes us smile is that she got the "dancing pants" genes from me. Anytime there is music she just can't help but get into the groove. She sings too (saying Jesus to the tune of "Jesus loves me" over and over again is quite adorable).
She is also starting to really talk! She doesn't say too many full sentences yet, but her vocabulary is expanding every day. She really enjoys switching between Hi and Jambo (swahili) to see which will give a better reaction.
We are so thankful for such a beautiful and loving little girl!

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